28 April 2020

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Companies are successfully shifting away from inefficient energy use to state-of-the-art technologies integrating renewables and decreasing costs and CO2 emissions. New energy solutions keep Europe competitive and drive us towards climate neutrality with benefits for local communities. In this webinar, Solar Turbines and Turboden present how their cogeneration technologies integrate renewables and do more with less energy.

Introduction to principels and benefits of cogeneration

 Solar Turbines - Doing more with less

Turboden - Green Industrial processes benefitting local communities

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1. The European Industry needs secure heat supply at all times to preserve its competitiveness. Medium and high temperature heat supply (often in the form of steam) has to be guaranteed at all times.

2. Decarbonise industrial heat cost-effectively. As medium and high temperature heat cannot be electrified either technically or cost-effectively, there will remain a need for molecule-based heat in the future. Moreover, a large amount of heat in industry is wasted and possibilities to reuse it should be considered.

3. Foster high-efficiency cogeneration to build tomorrow's industry. Do more with less.
  • Energy efficiency: modernising and improving the energy efficiency of existing industrial processes to deliver signification CO2 reductions today.
  • Resource efficiency: making industry ready to use the decarbonised and renewable fuels of the future like biogas, hydrogen and synthetic gases – relatively more expensive and limited in availability - in the most efficient way, for cost saving purposes and to leave more of them available to decarbonise other sectors
  • Smart system integration: Connecting locally heat, gas and electricity networks and ensure most efficient conversions among them. This will be key to cost-effectively integrate substantial amounts of renewable energy in the economy and provide energy where and when needed.
  • Industrial symbiosis: enabling the cascading use of excess heat locally to benefit neighbouring businesses and local communities with affordable and secure heat supply.
  • Increase grid resiliency: Industry self-producing and consuming its electricity, reducing pressure on electricity grids from peak demand, supplying efficient and flexible electricity to grids, decreasing the need for expensive electricity grid reinforcement and capacity reserves.

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