In the course of modernizing their apartment building, the Beyer family was looking for a replacement for their approximately 25-year-old oil heating system. Together with the Rudolf Ziegengeist company, the family decided on a liquid Propane gas-based (LPG) fuel cell Sunfire-Home 750. Since then, they have seen their energy bills and carbon footprint going down.

“It was time for a new supply system, because we had not been satisfied with the efficiency of our old oil heating for some time.“ says Dirk Beyer the father of the family from Kraftsdorf near Gera. A solar-energy system was not an option because of insufficient solar radiation. The best option for heating and powering their home was then a Sunfire-Home 750 cogeneration fuel cell.

The high overall efficiency of the liquid gas-based fuel cell results in fewer CO2 emissions than the old oil heating. As a result, the Beyer family saves a total of up to 8.5 tons of CO2 and EUR 1,000 in electricity costs per year. The fuel cell is fully automated meaning the Beyers have a weather-independent, continuous electricity production of up to 6,570 kWh per year. Since less electricity needs to be drawn from the grid the electricity cost is lower. At the same time, the Sunfire Home 750 fuel cell unit provides up to 10,950 kWh of heat in a highly efficient and clean manner. “We have found the best solution for us” says Dirk.


Benefits of cogeneration

CO2 emissions

Up to 8.5 tons of CO2
saved per year

Financial savings

Up to 1,000 EUR on electricity
cost saved per year

House consumer symbol

Smartphone app to easily
follow performance values


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