HanseWerk Natur’s combined heat and power plant is Hamburg’s largest and most efficient CHP plant, producing 8.4 megawatts of electrical output powering up to 20,000 households within the Hamburg region.

HanseWerk INNIO Hamburg

HanseWerk Natur replaced their previous landfill heat generator plant by partnering with COGEN Europe member, INNIO Jenbacher to install six new CHP gas engines to generate both heat and power. Through Jenbacher’s combined heat and power plant, HanseWerk Natur consumes more than 30% less resources and emits almost 60% less carbon dioxide. As a result, 50 climate-friendly Jenbacher gas engines have been put into operation in other HanseWerk Natur power plants throughout Germany.

“By generating both heat and power, the plant achieves a total efficiency of over 95 percent,” says Thomas Baade, CEO of HanseWerk Natur GmbH. “With this extremely high efficiency and impressive operational flexibility, the CHP plant helps to achieve greater security in energy supply and is therefore another valuable part of the decentralized energy supply in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg.”


Benefits of cogeneration

CO2 emissions

Reducing CO2
by almost 60%

House consumer symbol

20,000 households receiving
efficient and low-carbon power


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