Leeming Biogas Limited is one of the largest gas-to-grid anaerobic digestion plants in the United Kingdom. It recycles food waste to produce both biomethane and bio-fertiliser. The plant uses cogeneration to be generate its own energy and ensure maximum efficiency.

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The plant at Leeming processes up to 80,000 tonnes of commercial food waste by-products from local businesses each year and uses anaerobic digestion to produce approximately 6,000,000m3 of biomethane per annum for use in the gas grid, where it is used by households in the area. The facility worked together with COGEN Europe member Veolia to become energy self-sufficient. It uses biomethane to generate renewable heat and electricity via cogeneration technology to export electricity directly into the local electricity grid. Nothing from the process is wasted as it also produces a nutrient-rich fertiliser that can be used to aid crop production on farms.

“The project is a real example of how renewable technology, local resources and businesses can collaborate with city investors to develop a sustainable and environmentally friendly commercial enterprise. The plant has helped local businesses cut costs and boost their environmental credentials and, working with Veolia, we look forward to exploring further opportunities to increase sustainable energy production in North Yorkshire”, says Mike Dunn, Director of Iona Capital operating the plant.

Generating renewable energy for your local community with cogeneration!

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Producing renewable biogas for 4,000 homes

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Generating 4,818 MWh of renewable electricity
and 7,227MWh of renewable heat per year


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