St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the largest healthcare provider in South West London (United Kingdom), is turning to cogeneration to power its equipment and heat up its vast spaces. With a staff of 8,500 treating 800,000 patients annually, the energy needs of the hospital are tremendous. To lower its energy bills and carbon footprint, cogeneration was a logical choice.

Saint George Hospital in London

The hospital partnered with Centrica Business Solutions, member of COGEN Europe, to install two cogeneration units and four boilers. These new units will save the hospital more than £1m and 6,000 tonnes of carbon a year, the equivalent of the emissions from 3,000 cars. The savings allow the hospital to invest more in patient care and teaching medical staff. The environmental savings help the Trust meet regulatory compliance, and act as a benchmark to other healthcare providers.

Centrica Business Solutions created a new energy strategy for the hospital as part of a 15-year Energy Performance Contract (EPC). The contract includes the installation of two cogeneration units and four boilers, which form the energy centre. Centrica Business Solutions also introduced a number of schemes across the site, including lighting, a building management system, chiller replacement and split unit air conditioning optimisation.

Saint George Hospital saves thanks to cogeneration

CO2 emissions

6,000 tonnes of CO2
avoided per year

Financial savings

More than 1 million GBP
saved per year

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