At an innovative project in Szlachęcin (Poland), COGEN Europe member Veolia integrates waste heat, a large heat pump and a cogeneration facility to provide environmentally friendly heat and electricity to a local community. It will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the community by two thousand tonnes annually.

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“The necessity of achieving the goals of the European Green Deal, including climate neutrality, forces us to search innovative solutions in the field of energy. I’m proud that Veolia is the first in Poland to use a combination of cogeneration system and the heat pump to recover heat from sewage” says Frédéric Faroche, CEO of Veolia Group in Poland.

Key information:

1. A new power facility has been launched by Veolia Energia Poznań in Szlachęcin, a small village near Murowana Goślina (in the West of Poland) on the edge of Puszcza Zielonka Landscape Park, at the sewage treatment plant of Aquanet.

2. The innovative solution is a heat recovery system of waste recovery supported by a cogeneration facility.

3. The heat pump is powered by electricity produced by the cogeneration unit.

4. The solution is used for the first time in Poland.

5. The new facility will partially replace the traditional coal-fired heating plant in the nearby Bolechowo.

6. The solution will reduce the CO2 and dust emissions to the atmosphere and lower the temperature of sewage disposed at the Warta River after treatment.


Benefits of cogeneration

CO2 emissions

2,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided

House consumer symbol

5,000 inhabitants receiving
environmentally friendly heat
and power


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