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Press Release: Energy Efficiency - The Missing Link in National Plans towards Decarbonisation

Press Release Published 04 December 2019 View Article

Press Release: Cogen Europe Recognition Awards 2019 Acknowledge Outstanding Performances And Achievements In The Cogeneration Sector

Press Release Published 25 October 2019 View Article

Press Release: COGEN Europe Announces Cummins Inc as New Member

Press Release Published 08 August 2019 View Article

SmartCHP - a novel more efficient cogeneration engine running on renewables

CHP News Published 04 July 2019

A new EU research project will design a novel small-scale cogeneration engine using biomass to produce heat and electricity, which could mainstream renewables in the heating and cooling sector. The project, called SmartCHP, has been launched today in June by ten partners, under the coordination of BTG Biomass Technology Group.

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Fuel cells and hydrogen in buildings are ready to address the challenges of our energy system

CHP News Published 25 June 2019

On Tuesday 18 June, we organised the Energy Day "Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in Buildings: Integrating Electricity, Heat and Gas for a Decarbonised Future Energy System" during the EU Sustainable Energy Week. We invited speakers from the European heating industry, stakeholders and European institutions. We summarised for you the main take-aways from the Energy Day:

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