In the occasion of the 29th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, a new project paper was released, gathering data and updates on:

  • Biomass characterization
  • Gasification, Hot gas cleaning and conditioning and SOFC tests
  • Lab simulations
  • Pilot plant realization

The full text of the paper can be downloaded here

BLAZE per Articoli WEB

Activities of the last 24 months

Biomass feedstock analysis, screening 10 samples and 5 mixtures of representative biomass wastes, and then by further testing two of the most relevant biomass wastes evaluated [check the deliverable];

Gasification tests, utilising primary sorbents to reduce sulphur and chlorine bearing compounds;

Literature review to select bio-syngas representative organic and inorganic contaminants for button cell and short-stack SOFC tests.

Tar catalyst tests in order to select the catalysts to be applied within the filter candles and the secondary tar reformer;

Sorbents tests, to select the material to be applied in the secondary sulphur and chlorine reactors;

Button cells (ENEA) and short stacks (EPFL) tests in order to understand SOFC performance (e.g. syngas behaviour and tar, sulfur and chlorine tolerance)

Overall plant simulations and final pilot plant design;

Pilot plant realization, achieving pilot plant gasification with a hydrogen content stable over 30%/v

More info on BAZE project website

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