Right now three different techniques for small-scale biomass-based cogeneration (gasifier, wet steam turbine and Organic Rancine Cycle (ORC)) are being built and demonstrated in southeast Sweden as part of the project Small Scale CHP LIFE+ (2014-2019), financed by the EU Life+ programme and partly by the Swedish Energy Agency.

The demonstration project Small Scale CHP Life+

The aim is:
•    Demonstrate three technologies
•    Create a platform for small scale CHP by arranging study visits
•    Increase the use of small scale CHPs
•    Disseminate the experiences from running the technologies
•    Increase local and renewable electricity generation and thereby decrease CO2 emissions

Emåmejeriet (Emå Dairy) is a local producer of milk and dairy products in Hultsfred.  They have installed a gasification plant where the wood is converted into heat (100kW) and electricity (40kW). The process also generates biochar (500 l/week).

Ronneby Miljö & Teknik AB is a local energy company which supply service within heat, sanitary and water. They have installed a wet steam turbine at a district heating plant. The turbine will generate 500 kW electricty which will be sold to the electricty grid.

Ronneby Miljö &Teknik AB have also installed an ORC turbine, 50kW electricty, that generates electricty for a district heating plant in the village of BräkeHoby.

Main results and experiences gained so far

The gasifier at Emå dairy was the first plant to be installed in October 2015. Next up was the ORC beginning demonstration in 2017, which has so far generated 104.5 MWh electricity. The wet steam turbine will be up running on full load in april 2018. The electricity efficiency varies from 3% to 38% depending on technology. The price of electricity, investment costs and the tax limit for electricity generation are parameters higly affecting the profitability. The interest for small scale CHP is increasing in Sweden. More than 500 people have sofar visit the plants.

Why not make a study visit and learn about their experiences?

If you are planning a visit to Sweden, why not take the opportunity to learn more about small scale combined heat and power production by visiting Emå Dairy or Ronneby Miljöteknik?  
The plants are open for study visits for anyone who wishes to know more about small scale production of heat and power.

To book a study visit and read more about the project, visit the website: http://www.energikontorsydost.se/smaskalig-kraftvarme-life-study-visit


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