ORI Martin is a leading European supplier of engineering steel (SBQ) for the automotive industry and in general for mechanical applications which base its productions on Electric Steelmaking, Rolling and Finishing, with its main facilities located in Brescia, Italy. Together with other partners, COGEN Europe member Turboden developped the innovative iRecovery project to recover the exhaust gases coming from the steel production process in order to avoid dangerous emissions in the atmosphere and to exploit them for producing electrical energy and thermal power.

ORI Martin

The system is designed to recover heat from an electric arc furnace (EAF) for steel production and produce 11 MW thermal power during winter and 2.2 MW electrical power during summer. This is achieved by introducing a heat recovery installation that produces steam by recovering residual heat from flue gas. The system will provide heat to 2000 families in the winter and in the summer will produce clean electricity able to satisfy the needs of 700 families. The system guarantees a reduction of 10,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The innovative iRecovery project is the first of its kind in Italy, and now the heat from the steelworks that is normally lost will be recycled to produce electricity and heat for our city of Brescia. Together Ori Martin steelworks, Tenova, technological engineers, Turboden, turbogenerator manufacturers, and A2A, utilities and energy suppliers for the city, have created a sustainable energy and environmental project that truly integrates industry and the city. An enormous amount of heat is lost during steel production, so iRecovery will carry this heat to a recovery system that will then generate steam. Initially the steam is stored and then later converted to electric power through an Organic Rankine Cycle turbine, and to thermal power that supplies the Brescia remote heating grid.

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