23 June 2021

COGEN Europe re-elected its Executive Committee following its General Assembly on Thursday 17 June 2021 to continue its mission of promoting a resilient, decentralised and carbon neutral European energy system. The Members of COGEN Europe gave their support to Marco Pezzaglia (AB Energy) to remain Chair for a second two-year term and Csaba Kiss (COGEN Hungary) as one of the two Vice-Chairs. Harry Trump (Centrax) and Carl Richers (INNIO) were also re-elected as Executive Committee Members.

Marco Pezzaglia is very honoured to be re-elected as the Chair. “I am very happy with the confidence I received from COGEN Europe Members to put cogeneration forward as an efficient solution to use renewable energy on the agenda of the upcoming Fit for 55 legislative package. Our technology will enable European citizens and industry to generate their own reliable and affordable clean heat and power locally. Cogeneration can grow into the backbone of the European energy system and help deliver the emissions reduction target of 55% by 2030.”

Hans Korteweg, Managing Director at COGEN Europe, welcomed Marco Pezzaglia’s re-election as the Chair. “Under the Chairmanship of Marco Pezzaglia, COGEN Europe continues to put cogeneration at the forefront of the energy transition. We managed to provide valuable input into the negotiations on the European Green Deal and Fit for 55 package by stressing the need to combine renewable energy and energy efficiency. Furthermore, COGEN Europe conducted a thorough study on the position and cost-effectiveness of cogeneration in a decarbonised society to prepare our sector for 2050. We are confident we can continue this approach and stimulate building a resilient, decentralised and carbon neutral European energy system.”


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