18 December 2023

COGEN Europe, the European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration, is proud to welcome the Cogen Ukraine Decarbonization Association as a new member (as from 1 December 2023). During a difficult time for Ukraine – and in the context of ongoing Russian military attacks on the country’s energy system – the Cogen Ukraine Decarbonization Association has recently been established in order to promote the development of cogeneration in Ukraine and to provide a voice for the country’s cogeneration sector.

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"We are especially proud to welcome Cogen Ukraine as a member of COGEN Europe," says Hans Korteweg, Managing Director of COGEN Europe. "In view of Ukraine’s status as a candidate for EU membership, we want to play our part in supporting the integration of Ukraine’s energy stakeholders into the European energy community. By admitting Cogen Ukraine into the COGEN Europe family, we can facilitate closer contacts, knowledge sharing and practical collaboration between companies and other energy stakeholders in Ukraine and those in the rest of Europe."

"COGEN Europe brings together a large number of members from all over Europe, and we are honoured to be part of such a powerful community,"
says Oleg Tarasyuk, Vice President of the Cogen Ukraine Decarbonization Association. "Our country is going through difficult times, but we will cope with all the challenges. For Ukraine, the experience of COGEN Europe members is very important to introduce advanced technologies and create a basis for the widespread introduction of high-efficiency cogeneration systems. This will enable us to lay the foundations of our energy independence and energy security."

About the Cogen Ukraine Decarbonization Association

The main objectives of Cogen Ukraine are the promotion of decarbonization, cogeneration, energy efficiency and energy independence. The association aims to work with relevant authorities and institutions in Ukraine in order to create better market conditions for the deployment of high-efficiency cogeneration, and to remove administrative, regulatory and market barriers to the wider use of cogeneration technologies in Ukraine.

Cogen Ukraine assists with solving operational issues and responds to challenges in ensuring the sustainability of energy infrastructure. Among other activities, the association is currently undertaking an analysis of legislative and regulatory barriers that hinder the widespread uptake of cogeneration in Ukraine and proposing relevant amendments to national legislation.

In order to achieve its goals, the Cogen Ukraine Decarbonization Association closely cooperates with the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE), with which it has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

For more information see the Cogen Ukraine website (in Ukrainian – compatible with Google Translate).


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