9 June 2022

COGEN Europe, the European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration, is proud to welcome Siemens Energy as a new corporate member. Siemens Energy became an independent company in 2020 and currently employs around 91,000 people worldwide. With the addition of this new arrival, COGEN Europe’s membership now includes 46 companies and 11 national associations.

"We are very excited to welcome Siemens Energy as a member of COGEN Europe," says Hans Korteweg, Managing Director of COGEN Europe. "Although it only became an independent company two years ago, Siemens Energy is building on a long history of innovation and is already well-established as a major global player in the energy sector. Siemens Energy is also a forward-looking company that is committed to supporting the switch to renewable fuels such as green hydrogen. I am convinced that they will make a positive and valuable contribution to our activities."

"Together with strong partners within COGEN Europe, we strive for highly efficient cogeneration solutions that meet the demands of the changing energy landscape," says Karim Amin, Member of the Executive Board of Siemens Energy. "Climate change is a real threat to the entire planet and Europe has clearly a special responsibility – but also the best prerequisites and resources – to be a pioneer of the energy transition. We look forward to working with many relevant stakeholders on this important task, because honestly we can’t do it alone."

About Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy is one of the world’s leading energy technology companies. The company works with its customers and partners on energy systems for the future, thus supporting the transition to a more sustainable world. With its portfolio of products, solutions and services, Siemens Energy covers almost the entire energy value chain – from power generation and transmission to storage. The portfolio includes conventional and renewable energy technologies, such as gas and steam turbines, hybrid power plants operated with hydrogen, and power generators and transformers. More than 50 percent of the portfolio has already been decarbonized.

With a comprehensive portfolio of gas and steam turbines and extensive plant construction expertise, Siemens Energy is a leading player in the cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power) market and field-proven in hundreds of plants worldwide. The Siemens Energy CHP portfolio allows customers to choose the most suitable solutions and components and, if applicable, integrate them within existing systems.

A successful example of a cogeneration plant that makes use of Siemens Energy technologies is the award-winning Lausward Fortuna in Düsseldorf (Germany). The plant concept is well designed for flexible operation, allowing frequent starts and stops to provide balancing electric power to the grid. The very high efficiency of CHP systems makes them more suitable for electric grid balancing than other types of power plant. New, fast starting, flexible plants in the grid also allow for a more efficient dispatching of power from existing CHP plants. In combination with storage solutions, new state-of-the-art plants will serve as extremely efficient grid balancing assets.

For more information, see the Siemens Energy website.


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