26 October 2022

COGEN Europe welcomes the Energy Council’s agreement on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) as a starting point for higher ambition on buildings decarbonisation that fosters energy system efficiency, resilience and consumer empowerment.

On 25 October, EU Energy Ministers adopted the Council’s General Approach on the European Commission’s proposal for a new edition of the EPBD. COGEN Europe, representing the European cogeneration sector, welcomes some elements of the Council’s position, including its recognition of the role of efficient district heating and the need to deploy a broad range of renewable energy sources so that all buildings can meet the zero-emission buildings (ZEB) standard.

Hans Korteweg, Managing Director of COGEN Europe, commented: “The EPBD will be key to ensuring that the whole of Europe’s building stock can transition towards zero-emission buildings by 2050. High ambition in demand reduction must be complemented by measures to smartly and cost-effectively cover remaining demand with efficient, flexible and increasing renewable energy sources.”

“High-efficiency cogeneration is a cost-effective way to provide electricity, heating and cooling as well as hot water to buildings, either via district heating or by installing micro-CHP systems in individual buildings,” continued Mr Korteweg. “Cogeneration not only improves buildings’ energy efficiency, but by running on clean hydrogen or renewable energy sources it can also contribute towards the objective of zero emissions. Moreover, cogeneration generates controllable electricity and heat close to the point of consumption, thereby reducing the strain on electricity grids during periods of peak demand and at times when the supply of energy from intermittent renewables is insufficient.”

Mr Korteweg added: “We call on the European Parliament to ensure an ambitious framework for decarbonising Europe’s building stock while providing a level playing field for all efficient, smart and renewable energy solutions.”

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