20 February 2020

COGEN Europe, the European association for the promotion of cogeneration, is pleased to announce today that Capstone Turbine Corporation has joined the association as its latest member.

COGEN Europe Managing Director Hans Korteweg sees great opportunities in having Capstone Turbine on board: “Capstone Turbine and COGEN Europe share the same vision on how to create a resilient, decentralised and carbon-neutral European energy system by 2050. We believe that cogeneration will continue to bring great benefits to our energy system and will enable Europe to decarbonise in a cost-effective way. Capstone Turbine has built up great knowledge and expertise. Together, we will promote those benefits of cogeneration towards European policymakers and stakeholders.”

Mr. Korteweg continues: “In an increasingly integrated energy system with important shares of renewable energy, cogeneration is consumer-led and uniquely placed to deliver system efficiency, flexibility across energy vectors, reliability and cost reductions. Europe now needs predictable and stable frameworks to drive investment and ensure a level-playing between the different decarbonising solutions, including cogeneration.”

“Climate change and renewable energy are in our daily news cycles, and for good reason as energy creation and its environmental impacts are important topics both locally and globally. While the path to a 100% renewable future will be debated for many years to come, it is a fact that governmental policy and regulations are going to continue to drive toward renewable and decarbonisation of all energy consumption. We look forward to working with COGEN Europe to promote increased governmental policy and regulations towards renewable and decarbonisation of all energy consumption," stated Jim Crouse, Chief Revenue Officer, Capstone Turbine Corporation.

COGEN Europe is the cross-sectoral voice of the cogeneration industry. It has over 60 members: 13 national associations and 50 organisations spanning the entire value chain from technology manufacturers and users to consultancies. COGEN Europe’s mission is to work with EU institutions and stakeholders to shape better policies and eliminate administrative, regulatory and market barriers to the wider use of cogeneration in Europe.



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