Brussels, 23 May 2019

COGEN Europe is delighted to welcome RMB/ENERGIE GmbH as a new member to the association. Based in Germany, RMB/ENERGIE is a producer of small-scale cogeneration units. The company is driven by developing state-of-the-art, user-friendly units which aim for the highest efficiencies.

COGEN Europe Managing Director Hans Korteweg said: “Having RMB/ENERGIE on board is a great asset for COGEN Europe. We will join forces to promote the benefits of cogeneration towards EU policymakers and stakeholders. Our goal is to ensure the right policy framework is put in place and implemented for cogeneration to grow and contribute to a successful and cost-effective energy transition.”

RMB/ENERGIE Head of Sales Juergen Zastrow added: “It is important to speak with one voice in Europe about fighting climate change. Cogeneration is an important technology to reduce CO2 emissions and we need an organisation which keeps European decisionmakers informed. With COGEN Europe, we found that organisation.”

Mr Korteweg continued: “The cogeneration sector is committed to creating a resilient, decentralised, carbon-neutral European energy system by 2050 with cogeneration as its backbone. In an increasingly integrated energy system with important shares of renewable energy, cogeneration is consumer-led and uniquely placed to deliver system efficiency, flexibility across energy vectors, reliability and cost reductions.”

“With our cogeneration units, customers significantly reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. Cogeneration is good for both the environment and your purse.”, according to Mr. Zastrow.


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