17 March 2020

COGEN Europe, the European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration, is very pleased that both Energen and Indop have become its latest members. Indop is a producer of cogeneration units with more than 10 years of experience in the cogeneration business, manufacturing units with electrical output from 6kW to more than 1 MW. Energen are specialists in cogeneration, with 15 years of experience in the sector. The company manufactures highly efficient, money saving and environmentally friendly cogeneration plants and generating sets.

“In light of the European Green Deal, it is important that every region in Europe is on board toward climate neutrality by 2050. COGEN Europe is delighted to reinforce its footprint in Central Europe with two new important members and jointly promote a resilient, decentralised and carbon-neutral energy system across Europe,” Hans Korteweg, Managing Director of COGEN Europe, explains. “As two well-established manufacturers, Energen and Indop have amassed great knowledge and experience and will strengthen our association’s advocacy efforts,” he continues.

Mr. Korteweg adds: “The European Commission has just launched its Climate Law proposal and Industrial Strategy as cornerstones of the Green Deal. It is important that the energy efficiency principle will be enshrined in the framework of both and a level-playing field between different decarbonising solutions established. An integrated approach to smart energy systems is mandatory, linking electricity, heat and gas at local level. Together with Indop and Energen, we will advocate for a consistent investment framework whereby citizens and businesses are in the driver’s seat of a cost-effective energy transition.”

“Energen shares COGEN Europe’s vision as we also strongly believe cogeneration needs to be included into the future energy mix, enabling a sustainable and cost-effective energy transition of the European energy system by 2050. I consider cogeneration as a breakthrough technology capable of avoiding network losses and minimizing emissions – a highly sustainable long-term energy solution”, says Marko Seršen, CEO at Energen.

“It is an honor for Indop to join the COGEN Europe association. Together with other members we will strengthen the position of the cogeneration technology in the European Union. Indop is active in seven European countries including Slovenia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Poland. The path towards climate neutrality by 2050 will be difficult and will require positive cooperation between business, government, local and global community.” Metod Škerjanec, Managing Director at Indop.



About Indop

Indop was established in 2007 as part of Gorenje Group with more than 70 years business tradition. Since 2018 Gorenje Group is part of Hisense Group with more than 17 billion USD revenue. Hisense group is paying a lot of attention to local sales management in all markets, with strong background support in the global presence and power of the technological giant.

Over the years Indop successfully positioned itself as a high quality, technologically sophisticated and customer-oriented company on the European market. Indop produces efficient systems for cogeneration of heat and electricity that provide good savings and significantly reduce electricity consumption costs.
Indop CHP units products ranges, running on natural gas, LPG and biogas:

  • Micro CHP units (6-20 kWe)
  • Macro CHP units (50-500 kWe)
  • Special projects (more than 500 kWe)

Creating original, technically perfect, excellently designed and user and environmental-friendly products is the mission of Indop. Constant improvements in quality of products and services are of highest importance. Own Remote Monitoring System allows constant control of the Indop CHP parameters and is the basis for proper functioning and control of the CHP.

About Energen

Energen are specialists for cogeneration, with 15 years of experience in engine installation, improvements, its operation and monitoring. The company has specialist knowledge and extensive experience in ESCO energy contracting and has the highest number of CHP contracting agreements in Slovenia.

Professionalism, price competitiveness, flexibility and customization of cogeneration energy solutions with excellency in post-sales services are at the core of Energen’s values. Components for Energen CHPs are of a premium quality and well proven. At the same time, the units are price competitive and offer an incredible value for money.

The demand for Energen products is increasing worldwide, especially as they, together with business partners, offer good quality maintenance network. On the key markets Energen offers ESCO services. Energen’s CHP units range from 50kW to 1MW power and run on natural or LPG gas. Larger units are available on request.

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