Brussels, 24 June 2019


Picture Marco Pezzaglia

COGEN Europe is proud to announce that Marco Pezzaglia was chosen as its new Chair by its Members. Marco Pezzaglia is responsible for national and international energy policy at AB, a leading cogeneration solutions provider from Italy. In his function at AB, he also closely follows legislative and regulatory compliance. Trained as an electrotechnical engineer at the Politecnico di Milano, Mr Pezzaglia has built up extensive knowledge on energy related matters in various positions.

Hans Korteweg, Managing Director at COGEN Europe, welcomes Marco Pezzaglia’s appointment as the new Chair. “Mr Pezzaglia brings great knowledge and experience to the organisation. He is very well versed in the world of cogeneration and renewables. As he has conducted many successful projects in making energy systems more efficient, our organisation feels confident that with Mr Pezzaglia as its Chair, COGEN Europe will be able to provide valuable input towards policymakers and stakeholders on which direction the energy transition should go.”, explains Mr Korteweg.

Marco Pezzaglia feels honoured to be elected the new Chair. He says: “I am very pleased with my appointment as the Chair of COGEN Europe. I believe that cogeneration can and will make a significant contribution towards achieving our 2050 climate goals as stipulated in the Paris Agreement. We have to decarbonise our economy and society in a fast and smart way. Using our energy sources as efficiently as possible, will be key to that success. I am looking forward in promoting that vision in the heart of Europe and putting our energy transition on that track.”



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