Heat represents more than 50% of energy consumption in Europe, it is key to domestic, commercial and industrial consumers alike. Heating and cooling (low temperature heat) is supplied to more than 90 million small domestic and commercial consumers via energy efficient district heating. Individual heating systems cover the remaining residential heating and cooling demand; today more than 80 million inefficient boilers are installed across Europe in people’s homes. Energy efficiency improvements in heating and cooling will be crucial in Europe reaching its energy and climate objectives. Cogeneration, either connected to district heating or installed in individual homes and a boiler replacement, is one of the key solutions to decarbonising heating in the building stock.

Cogeneration represents an opportunity for industrial users by providing sustainable, reliable and cost effective process heat, at higher temperatures. In this respect cogeneration should be recognised for playing an important role for the competitiveness of European energy intensive industry.

Energy and climate policy should therefore not ignore the importance of heat for the European economy and consumers alike.

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