Pylons c Electricity Market Design: An Integrated System Perspective is Needed to Fully Harness Flexibility

Joint Statement | 14.11.2023
European flags icon COGEN Europe’s contribution to the European Commission’s Consultation on an EU climate target for 2040

Position Paper | 23.06.2023
Pylons c Electricity Market Reform: COGEN Europe’s key recommendations

Position Paper | 25.05.2023
COGEN Generation Efficiency adjusted

EED recast: Recognise high-efficiency cogeneration as a key efficiency solution for modern efficient district heating
Joint Open Letter | 28.02.2023

energy efficiency

EPBD: Recognise sector coupling solutions to foster demand-side flexibility of buildings

Joint Statement | 20.02.2023

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive: a bottom-up approach for integrated system efficiency

Joint Statement | 28.11.2022
European flags icon Joint Open Letter to Energy Ministers on “Save Gas for a Safe Winter”

Joint Open Letter | 25.07.2022
European flags icon Winter Preparedness Plan: Prioritise cogeneration for efficient and secure energy

COGEN Europe Position Paper | 18.07.2022
Vitovalor website

Revision of EU Regulations on Ecodesign and Energy Labelling (space heaters and combination heaters)

COGEN Europe Position Paper | 15.11.2021

CHP Berlaymont

An ambitious Fit for 55 with cogeneration

COGEN Europe Position Paper | 04.11.2021

energy efficiency

An ambitious Renovation Wave calls for affordable, integrated and efficient energy in buildings

COGEN Europe Position Paper | 14.10.2020

CHP Berlaymont

An ambitious European Green Deal with cogeneration

COGEN Europe Position Paper | 10.07.2020

European flags icon

Joint statement for a taxonomy delivering sustainable growth in Europe

Joint Statement | 12.03.2020

European flags icon

Response to European Commission Consultation on European climate law – achieving climate neutrality by 2050

COGEN Europe Position | 06.02.2020

energy efficiency

Joint letter to the European Commission - Addressing demand-side flexibility and system efficiency in the National Energy & Climate Plans

COGEN Europe Joint Letter | 13.02.2019

European flags icon

Joint letter to Members of the European Parliament on the EU 2050 Long Term Strategy

COGEN Europe Joint Letter | 29.01.2019

Ekospalarnia Krak for website

Joint statement on the European Commission’s legislative proposal on the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and on the Cohesion Fund 2021-2027

COGEN Europe Joint Statement | 19.11.2018

European flags icon

COGEN Europe Response to European Commission Consultation on "Strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reductions"

COGEN Europe Position Paper | 09.10.2018

CHP Berlaymont

Clean Energy Package - Delivering efficient and sustainable heat and electricity for a consumer-led energy transition

COGEN Europe Position Paper | 13.09.2018

Vitovalor website

Methodology & market developments for micro-cogeneration in the review of Lot1 Energy Labelling and Ecodesign legislation

COGEN Europe Position Paper | 24.08.2018

energy efficiency

Conversion Coefficient (Primary Energy Factor) in the context of Lot1 Energy Labelling & Ecodesign Regulations review

Joint Position Paper | 24.08.2018

European flags icon

Inception Roadmap on “Strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reductions”

COGEN Europe Response | 10.08.2018

Systems infographic

A Simplified Marginal Method to Determine Environmental Factors for Technologies Coupling Heat and Power in the European Union

Ffe Study on EU Displacement Mix | 15.05.2018

energy efficiency

EU primary energy factor for electricity – Getting the methodology right

Joint Briefing Paper | 27.03.2018


European flags icon

EU funds in the area of investment, research & innovation, SMEs and single market (Horizon2020)

COGEN Europe Consultation Response | 09.03.2018

COGEN Generation Efficiency adjusted

EU Primary Energy Factor for Electricity: key to ensure well-informed choices, achieve real energy savings and reduce consumer energy bills

COGEN Europe Position Paper | 26.05.2017

Power plant sunrise

Definition of 'waste heat' in REDII

Joint Position Paper COGEN Europe & CEWEP | 26.02.2018

green gas

Renewable Energy Directive

COGEN Europe Policy Recommendations | 26.02.2018



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