Small-scale cogeneration and renewable installations on homes, schools and hospitals are key drivers of the European energy transition. Yet, a proposal in the Clean Energy Package threatens to undermine the smallest installations in the EU. In November 2017, COGEN Europe initiated with other organisations the Small is Beautiful campaign to support small-scale cogeneration and renewable installations facilities in Europe. The aim of the campaign is to safeguard regulatory incentives such as priority of dispatch for small-scale installations. The Small is Beautiful campaign is led by 20 leading renewable cities and citizens associations.

In December 2017, the European Council proposed to remove priority dispatch and enforce balancing responsibilities on small-scale cogeneration and renewable installations. This policy would place them at a huge disadvantage, as small players would be faced with substantial administrative and technical burdens. Creating barriers for small-scale installations will set back the European energy transition and the EU’s vision of industrial leadership in renewables.

A balanced approach recognising the benefits of small-scale, clean, and locally owned installations will be key to drive a digitalised, decarbonised and increasingly distributed energy system, empowering energy consumers across Europe. Small-scale renewable generation installations are also major job providers.

Join the Small is Beautiful campaign to support small cogeneration and renewable installations by calling for a policy that will see them thrive in Europe!

Read our Small is Beautiful DECLARATION!

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