16 June

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Cogeneration for efficient and smart buildings

Cogeneration technology for hydrogen

Stationary fuel cells for green buildings

Cogeneration and heat pumps: win-win

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1. Buildings are key to deliver EU’s Green Deal. They represent 40% of EU’s energy consumption and are responsible for 36% of GHG emissions. More than 70% of building are energy inefficient and 80% of the existing buildings stock will still be standing by 2050.

2. The seasonality and high levels of heating and hot water demand in buildings make it a challenging sector to decarbonise. Even when we electrify efficiently (i.e. with heat pumps in buildings with 50% less demand) overall power demand is expected to increase by around 50% and power peaks could be three times as high compared to today. Covering this additional demand with additional renewable electricity may prove difficult at times of no wind or sun.

3. Decarbonising buildings requires an ambitious Renovation Wave that will focus on a mix of efficient, flexible and renewable energy solutions. Silver bullet solutions are not sufficient to deliver on the buildings trilemma: highly sustainable buildings, customer affordability and comfort & energy security.

4. Cogeneration applications can deliver key benefits as part of a mix of building solutions such as cogeneration and district heating, stationary fuel cells in cogeneration mode and cogeneration units and heatpumps complementing each other.

5. To ensure the Renovation Wave delivers for consumers and the EU economy, key principles must be considered: 1) improve efficiency of buildings both by reducing demand and supplying energy more efficiently; 2) develop robust criteria to ensure that end use electrification is efficient and renewable; 3) consider buildings as part of an integrated systems approach, by fostering synergies between end use electrification & cogeneration at site or district level; 4) allow for renewable and decarbonised gases uptake in buildings, including their efficient use with cogeneration.

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